Special Thanks

To the following individuals & companies who support me with GREAT products…..

All Woodwinds : Les Silver at RS Berkeley Musical Insts. www.RSBerkeley.com
Sax Reeds: Dannie Hofman & Harry Hartmann at Fiberreed  http://www.fiberreedusa.com/
Sax Mouthpieces: Jody Espina at Jody Jazz http://www.jodyjazz.com/

Sax + WW Ligatures: Silverstein http://www.silversteinworks.com/
Sax Cases: Pro Tec http://www.protecmusic.com/
Sax Stands: Paul Coats at Saxrax http://www.saxrax.com/#/home/4539691674
Sax Microphones: Martin at Applied Microphone Technologies http://www.appliedmicrophone.com/
Sax Neckstrap: Joe Rohrbacher at Just Joe's

Music Hardware & Software

MacBook Pro Computer
Saffire Pro 40 Focusrite Digital Audio Interface
Logic Pro X Music Recording Software
Overture 5 Notation Software

External Software Plug-Ins:

MOTU MachFive/3 Sampler
Spectrasonics Trillian, Omnisphere & Stylus RMX
Toontrack EZ Drummer & Superior Drummer